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Designer Collections of Women Shirts in Australia

Looking for a little upgrade on fashion and style for your everyday wardrobe? Look no further than Modelle’s shirts for women. Shirts for women are considered a staple for every wardrobe and one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever made. Modelle women's shirts range from classic shirt tops, like white shirts, denim casual shirts to contemporary styles, like sleek peplum tops and dress shirts. Get it in a various array of colours and patterns, making it easier to dress up or to dress down.

Shirts and blouses have become so popular. You can wear them casually while being fashionable at the same time. Women have endless options to choose from when it comes to tops and blouses. From more comfortable garments, modest, trendy, and shapely silhouettes, women have their own personal style the way they want. True that there is literally something for every fashion-forward femme when you shop online on Modelle.


Buy Wide Range of Women Shirts Online

With Modelle's wide range collection of shirts for women, there is something perfect for every occasion and budget. Stock up your wardrobe with the latest comfy long sleeve shirts, basic plain shirts tankshirts, tank tops, crop tops, printed blouses that can go from work to a quick stroll on the streets with just a simple change of accessories.


Why Choose Modelle for Modest Shirts for Women in Australia

When deciding which shirt to buy, consider what styles you like, what fabrics and materials you'd prefer, and the accessories that you'd like to pair with your ensembles, such as a scarf, bag, or necklaces. Whether your style is classic or modern, Modelle has everything you need to be comfortable and fashionable every day.

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1. How do you know if a shirt is for women?

- You can tell the difference between a shirt for men and a shirt for women through the buttons. A garment for men has buttons on the right side of the shirt. Whereas a garment for women has buttons on the left side. Men usually wear a shirt to work and a blouse is the shirt version for women.


2. How long women's shirt should be?

- As a general guide, a shirt for women should hang lower than the hips, an inch or two below your belt-line, but not all the way to your legs. If you lift up your arms, the hem of the tee shouldn’t ride up to expose your belly.


3. How do you know if the shirt fits you?

- Generally, a shirt shouldn't be too loose or it'll hang awkwardly on your body. Too tight might be too showy and stiff. The easiest way to tell if a t-shirt fits you right is the fit of your shoulder. The shoulders seam should extend across the center of your shoulder to the very top of your arm.


4. What factors should I consider in buying shirts?

- People have their own style and preference when it comes to selecting clothes. There are those who prefer dark tone colours or light and pastel colours, tight or loose, and there are some who prefer printed or plain. Despite the different preferences, the following should be considered in buying clothes.

  • Quality of the fabric - check the seams on both the inside and outside of the garment. It is a warning sign if they are sloppy, loose, or stitched multiple times. It is important to consider properly knitted, seam allowances, stitched buttons, and that the buttonholes are even spaced and correct in length.
  • Texture - it’s important to evaluate the texture of the fabric used when buying clothes You need to consider whether it’s comfortable, soft, or pleasing to the eyes given that these aspects play a role in the selection process. Texture always creates an impression that is well understood by our sense of touch and sight.
  • Color - Next time you go shopping always keep in mind the color of the garment you want to buy. Color is an important aspect of clothing as it can reveal your mood and personality. Clothes look good on you and bring out the best in you because of the colors. If you want to look small, you should consider buying clothes in dark, cool and dull colors. To look big consider buying clothes with light, warm and bright colors. Clothes with contrasting colors will make you appear short while white and light colors tend to lighten your skin.
  • Fabric - There are a range of fabrics to choose from and linen is the most common fabric used in shirts. But if you are after soft, strong, and breathable fabric, cotton is the best option for you. You may also consider poly cotton and other cotton blends which are less likely to wrinkle or shrink in the wash.
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Basic Loop Tee - Shades of Black
Regular price$29.99
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Deep Charcoal
Polo Dress
Regular price$29.99$14.99
  • Black
  • Grey
Stud Panel Shirt
  • Black
  • Rust
  • Navy
  • Maroon
  • White
  • Mocha
Rowan Pocket Shirt
Regular price$39.99$27.99
  • Dusty Pink
  • Black
Alizah Shirt
Regular price$34.99$14.99
  • Black
  • Beige
Basic Loop Tee - Shades of Grey
Regular price$29.99
  • Grey
  • Grey Marle
  • Light Grey
Button Down Loop Shirt
Regular price$44.99
  • Mocha
  • Black
  • White
  • Rose Pink
Kiara Shirt
Regular price$39.99$19.99
  • Salmon
  • Baby Blue
Modish V Shirt
Regular price$39.99
  • Black
  • White
  • Dusty Purple
Knit Tank Shirt
Regular price$44.99
  • Black
  • Dusty pink
  • Mocha
  • Grey
Ring Rope Shirt
Regular price$44.99$31.49
  • Bone
  • khaki
Vira Shirt Dress
Regular price$54.99$27.50
  • Print Sage
  • Print Mustard
  • Taupe
  • Black

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